Title: Refinement strategies for spline based methods

Speaker: Annalisa Buffa

Date: August 12
Time: 8:30 - 9:30
Room: Ballroom A

Chair: D.N. Arnold

Abstract: In the last ten years the use of splines as a tool for the discretisation of partial differential equations has gained interests thanks to the advent of isogeometric analysis (2005, Hughes et al). In this context, the development of methods capable of local refinement and adaptivity is extremely important as they alleviate the constraints on meshing imposed by the tensor product structure of spline spaces. A few techniques have been proposed in the last years, but somehow their use in adaptivity and the related mathematical understanding are, to a large extend, open research topics. I will present my recent contributions to this field with a special attention to two approaches: T-splines and hierarchical splines.


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