Title: Seismic full waveform inversion and the Monge-Ampère equation

Speaker: Björn Engquist

Date: August 11
Time: 8:30 - 9:30
Room: Ballroom A

Chair: Takashi Kako

Abstract: In seismic exploration a wave field is generated at the surface and the response from the earths interior is recorded. The purpose is to find properties such as wave velocity and location of reflecting sub layers. Part of this can be done by PDE constrained optimization in the form of full waveform inversion. We will discuss two aspects of this process. One is the fast computation of the wave field and the other the choice of metric in the comparison between the measurements and the computed wave field. We propose optimal transport and Wasserstein metric for this comparison and the metric can be determined by solving the Monge-Ampère equation. Because of the special nature of this lecture we will relate the recent research to some earlier contributions from the Pioneer Prize motivation. Absorbing boundary conditions play an important role in the fast wave field simulation and shock-capturing algorithms have influenced Monge-Ampère solvers.


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