Computational Social Sciences

Date: August 14
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 301A

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Choi, Sou-Cheng (NORC at the Univ. of CHicago)

Abstract: In the last decade, we have seen an enormous growth of social networks (Facebook, Twitter), e-commerce (Amazon, Netflix), and many other novel applications providing services over the internet. This has allowed human and social behavior to be measured and collected on an unprecedented scale. Social sciences have been gradually transformed into a data science that could in principle be studied and understood from an analysis of these massive datasets. The key to gaining insights from these large datasets however requires new techniques and algorithms.

This minisymposium serves to explore some of the latest computational, mathematical, or statistical techniques for processing and analyzing big-volume, high-velocity complex data stemming from social sciences such as annual national surveys, online social networks, or public-domain forums. We focus on both the challenges and solutions for social science problems that arise from industries or government sectors.

Social Data Science Needs Theories of Social Data: The Case of Sociopolitical Regime Shift During the 2011 Singapore General Election Detected From Online Social Media
Cheong, Siew Ann (Nanyang Technological Univ.)

Machine Learning for Machine Data
Choi, Sou-Cheng (NORC at the Univ. of CHicago)

Estimating Online Performance of Predictive Models
Yi, Jeonghee (Microsoft Corp)

Critical Points of Networks
Yao, Yuan (Peking Univ.)


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