Jin Keun Seo

    Brief Bio

    Professor Jin Keun Seo is currently director of BK21plus of Computational Science & Engineering at Yonsei university, Korea. He has been a professor of mathematics at Yonsei university since 1995. From 2008-2013, he has served as the founding director of the Computational Science & Engineering department at Yonsei university through the World Class University project, which is fully funded by the Korean government. He studied harmonic analysis and PDE under the supervision of Eugene Fabes at the University of Minnesota, and received PhD degree in 1991. Since 2000, he has focused mainly on mathematical theories with experimental validations such that the theories can guide experiments on what to seek. His group has suggested various models, including magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography, the spectroscopic inverse admittivity problem, a micro-EIT system, a trans-admittance scanner, and others. Recently, he wrote books entitled "Nonlinear Inverse Problems in Imaging" (Wiley Press) and "Electro-Magnetic tissue properties MRI" (Imperial College Press,) that provide the diverse knowledge and skills needed to deal effectively with nonlinear inverse problems.

    Personal Homepage : http://www.seojinkeun.com/

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