Ludger D. Sax

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    Ludger D. Sax is the owner and Managing Director of the Grid Optimization Europe Ltd., based in Germany & Luxembourg. He studied mathematics, philosophy and theology at the University of Bochum, Germany. His particular interest has always been the science, building a bridge between science/theory and industry/praxis. He has achieved success in the past 30 years in leading positions in the gas & water industry in Europe, in particular for Ruhrgas, E.ON and Open Grid Europe. Among his significant achievements is the initiation of one of the largest research alliance in Europe in 2008. This research alliance named “ForNe” aims to collaborate in network optimization. Around 10 universities and institutes with more than 30 mathematicians along with more than 10 employees from the gas industry worked together to make use of contemporary mathematics and state-of-the-art solver technology to establish modern mathematical methods in the planning of gas transport networks. Other projects in which he has been active in include the (D)GOR (Gesellschaft für Operations Research) working group “prediction methods” and the BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Research and Education) led working group “strategy mathematics 2020”. His latest research project which he initialized in 2014 is the optimization of the control/dispatching of gas grids. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). Since the end of 2013 he has been with his company Grid Optimization Europe and is currently working on a self-developed program “OptiPlan/Russian Version”, to optimize the gas grids of Russian regional municipalities and distribution system operators.

    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal Details

    Born in Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany, on 28 June 1958

    Education after grammar school (Essen)

    1978 – 1983 Mathematics, Theology & Philosophy for the teaching profession at the University of Bochum
    1983 – 1986 Mathematics & Logic at the University of Bochum, obtaining a Dipl.-Math. degree

    Career after University jobs

    1986 – 2003 Leading positions at Ruhrgas in Gas Storage Planning, Mathematical Statistics, Technical Controlling, Environment, Technology, Technical Project Planning, IT, Gas Economic Planning and Transport Management
    2004 – 2009 Leading positions at E.ON in Gas Transport, Project/Joint Ventures and Capacity Management
    2010 - 2014 Head of Network Planning & Control ( Gas & Water) department at Open Grid Europe
    Since 2013 Owner & Managing Director of Grid Optimization Europe Ltd., based in Germany & Luxembourg

    Other Positions

    2004 – 2008 Managing Director of NETRA GmbH
    2004 – 2008 Managing Director of DEUDAN Holding GmbH
    2007 – 2011 Prokurist (holder of general commercial power of attorney) of NORDSTREAM - Anbindungsleitungsgesellschaft mbH
    2008 - 2011 Member of Open Grid Europe GmbH (formerly E.ON Gastransport) Economic Committee
    2004 - 2012 Managing Director of E.ON Ruhrgas BBL B.V.(Netherlands)
    2008 - 2014 Member of DEUDAN Holding GmbH Supervisory Board
    2008 - 2014 Member of NETG GmbH Standing Committee
    2008 - 2014 Member of TENP Trans-Europa-Naturgas-Pipeline Coordinating Committee
    2011 - 2014 Member of NETRA GmbH Supervisory Board
    Since 2009 Member of Scientific Committee of Konrad-Zuse-Institut, Berlin

    Other Activities

    1987 - 1998 Corporate Member of (D)GOR/Member of the Working Group Prediction Methods
    Actuarial adviser,    Expert in the field of pipe storage use

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