Title: Grid and Grid Control Optimization in Europe

Speaker: Ludger D. Sax

Date: August 11
Time: 10:00 - 11:00
Room: Ballroom C

Chair: Thomas A. Grandine

Abstract: Until the end of the last millennium the gas industry was an integrated business. The integration of trading, network and gas storage facilities within a single enterprise guaranteed firstly the security of supply and lastly comfortable profits for the companies operating in this business. These high profits were a thorn in the eyes of the EU which tried to bring down energy prices by liberalizing and regulating the energy market.

Regulation meant that companies had to unbundle the trading arm from the network. This disintegration almost allowed the issue of security of supply to fall by the wayside because this role was now split between two different market players with divergent interests.

Newly established Transport System Operators (TSOs) had to simplify the system of tarification, introducing an entry and exit system that allows customers to be supplied from any grid entry point without this being linked to a specific route. For these TSOs, network planning has become much more complex. They rely on engineers and mathematicians to apply contemporary mathematics and state-of-the-art technology to establish modern mathematical methods in the planning and control of gas transport networks. This is so as to maximize grid capacity at minimum cost, thereby safeguarding security of supply. In other words, more “Mathematics to Gas Industry”, M2GI, the only way of maximizing the provision of capacity that can be freely allocated, of optimizing the grid and grid control to handle this and of reinstating security of supply.


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