PDEs and applications: theory and computation - Part III of IV
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Date: August 14
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 213B

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Wang, Ying (Univ. of Oklahoma)
Nie, Hua (Shaanxi Normal Univ.)

Abstract: Partial differential equations (PDEs) have been widely used in the mathematical modeling of physical and biological phenomena, including mixed type equations. Many problems of an applied nature reduce to finding specific solutions and properties of PDEs of elliptic, parabolic, or of mixed type; in particular, problems of plane transonic flow of a compressible medium, and problems in the theory of envelopes. In this mini-symposium, recent results in the theory and computation of PDEs and their applications will be presented. The goal of this mini-symposium is to provide a platform for the world experts in the area of PDEs, both theory and computation, to report the recent progresses, exchange ideas and build up collaborative works. We anticipate that our speakers will have expertise in a wide-ranging array of topics, possibly including:
(i) qualitative and quantitative properties enjoyed by solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations of elliptic, parabolic, or of mixed type.
(ii) numerical schemes derived for various types of PDEs.
(iii) physical and biology modeling involving nonlinear partial differential equations of elliptic, parabolic, or of mixed type.

A competition model with dynamically allocated toxin production in the unstirred chemostat
Nie, Hua (Shaanxi Normal Univ.)

Steady-state bifurcations for the activator-depleted substrate model
Wang, Yan-e (Shaanxi Normal Univ.)

Fundamental Solutions For A Class of Homogeneous Fractional Elliptic Equations
Cao, Yi (Shaanxi Normal Univ.)

Local and Global Dynamic Bifurcations of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Li, Desheng (Tianjin Univ.)


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