Recent development and applications of weighted essential non-oscillatory methods - Part IV of V
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Date: August 14
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 206A

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Qiu, Jianxian (Xiamen Univ.)
Shu, Chi-Wang (Brown Univ.)

Abstract: The spectrum covered by the minisymposium ranges from recent development,
analysis, implementation and applications, for the weighted essential non-oscillatory (WENO) methods. The WENO methods provide a practical effective framework to solve out many nonlinear wave-dominated problems with discontinuities or sharp gradient regions, which play an important role arising in many applications of computational fluid dynamics, computational astrophysics, computational plasma physics, semiconductor device simulations, among others. Devising robust, accurate and efficient WENO methods for solving these problems is of considerable importance and, as expected, has attracted the interest of many researchers and practitioners. This minisymposium serves as a good forum for researchers to exchange ideas and to promote this active and important research direction.

A Sign Preserving Third-Order WENO Reconstruction
Ray, Deep (TIFR-Cente for Applicable Mathematics)

Recent development and applications of weighted essential non-oscillatory methods
Wang, Rong (South Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China)

Boundary extrapolation techniques for finite difference WENO schemes on complex geometries
Donat, Rosa (Universitat de Valencia)
Mulet, Pep (Univ. of Valencia)

High-order finite difference WENO methods for plasma applications
Christlieb, Andrew (Michigan State Univ.)


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