Advances on Mixed Finite Element Methods for Linear Elasticity - Part III of IV
For Part I, see MS-Th-D-31
For Part II, see MS-Th-E-31
For Part IV, see MS-Fr-E-31

Date: August 14
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 405

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Hu, Jun (Peking Univ.)
Zhang, Shangyou (Univ. of Delaware)

Abstract: The elasticity equations are solved in many scientific and engineering problems where the stress is often more important than the displacement. In this sense, the classical Hellinger--Reissner mixed formulation of the elasticity equations, where the stress tensor is sought in a symmetric H-div space and the displacement in an L2 space, is a natural and important variational formulation for this problem. The approximation of displacement can be taken in the space of discontinuous piecewise polynomials of some degree¡ªbut the approximation of the symmetric stress tensor is a long-standing, challenging, and surprisingly hard problem. As a matter of fact, ¡°four decades of searching for mixed finite elements for elasticity beginning in the 1960s did not yield any stable elements with polynomial shape functions¡±[D. N. Arnold, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Vol. I: Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies (2002), 137-157].

This minisymposium will gather about 16 world experts and young researchers to discuss the most recent advances in this challenging field as well as future directions for research.

Multigrid Methods for Saddle Point Problems
Brenner, Susanne (Louisiana State Univ.)

A Reduced Local $C^0$ Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Kirchhoff Plates
Huang, Jianguo (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)

A non-conforming finite element discretization for linear Biot's model in poroelasticity: convergence and monotonicity
Gaspar, Francisco (Univ. of Zaragoza)
Hu, Xiaozhe (Tufts Univ.)
Rodrigo, Carmen (Univ. of Zaragoza)
Zikatanov, Ludmil (The Pennsylvania State Univ.)


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