Mathematical Theories for Hydrodynamic Stability/Instability

Date: August 10
Time: 13:30--16:00
Room: 205B

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Guo, Yan (Division of Applied Mathematics, Box F, Brown Univ., Providence, RI 02912, USA)
Jiang, Song (Inst. of Applied Physics & Computational Mathematics)

Abstract: Stability problem plays a fundamental role in the fluid study. A stable steady state is
physically important for its observation, while instability of steady states is the source
of complicated dynamic patterns which eventually may become turbulent. In general,
it has been a challenging mathematical problem to find effective methods to
characterize stability of a given steady state. In recent years, new variational methods
and rigorous asymptotic analysis are developed to determine linear stability of
viscous as well as inviscid steady flows. New progresses in the study of nonlinear
stability and instability have also been made. The goal of this workshop is to foster
interactions between different research groups with different mathematical methods
in the study of fluid stability.

On the free boundary problem for layers of viscous fluids
Yanjin, Wang (Xiamen Univ.)

Evolution of ascending flow of the air with condensation of vapor
Fujita Yashima, Hisao (Universit\'e 8 Mai 1945 Guelma)

Instability of shear flows in 3-d Prandtl boundary layer equations
Wang, Yaguang (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)

Stability for the incompressible 2-D Boussinesq system for magnetohydrodynamics convection
Gui, Guilong (School of Mathematics, Northwest Univ., China)

2D Navier-Stokes equations with large Reynolds number
Guo, Yan (Division of Applied Mathematics, Box F, Brown Univ., Providence, RI 02912, USA)


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