Isogeometric methods and design-through-analysis tools in CAD/CAE - Part I of III
For Part II, see MS-Mo-E-25
For Part III, see MS-Tu-D-25

Date: August 10
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 210A

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BUFFA, Annalisa (IMATI "E. Magenes", CNR)
Giannelli, Carlotta (INdAM c/o Univ. of Florence)

Abstract: The development process of industrial digital products relies on geometrical and numerical technologies provided by computer aided applications. The computational models are usually designed through commercial Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and subsequently processed and approximated with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software tools.

In order to drastically improve the efficiency and robustness of this process, a deep interaction among scientists from geometric modeling and numerical analysis is needed. An active area of research in this context is related to isogeometric analysis, an emerging paradigm for the solution of partial differential equations which combines and extends finite element techniques with CAD methods related to spline technologies. The isogeometric perspective outlines new paths of research for the identification of geometric representations suitable for numerical simulation.

Indeed, isogeometric analysis is based on the idea that the exact geometry of the model should be preserved throughout the overall design-through-analysis process and numerical methods should be able to simulate physical phenomena directly on the CAD model. This is possible only if new, spline based, numerical techniques are designed and innovative schemes for geometric design are developed.

The minisymposium will address theoretical and computational issues that arise in the identification, characterization and use of advanced geometric and analytical methods that share the goal of promoting new paradigms for a better CAD/CAE integration.

Algebraic methods in NURBs representations, toward Isogeometric Analysis
Elber, Gershon (Technion, Israel Inst. of Tech.)

A New Basis Construction for the PHT-Splines
Kang, Hongmei (Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China)
Chen, Falai (Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China)
Deng, Jiansong (Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China)

Overlapping Schwarz preconditioners for isogeometric collocation methods
Cho, Durkbin (Dongguk Univ.)
Pavarino, Luca F. (Univ. of Milan)
Scacchi, Simone (Univ. of Milan)
Beirao Da Veiga, Lourenco (Univ. of Milan)

Scalable BDDC preconditioners for Isogeometric Analysis of elliptic problems.
Pavarino, Luca F. (Univ. of Milan)
Cho, Durkbin (Dongguk Univ.)
Scacchi, Simone (Univ. of Milan)
Zampini, Stefano (KAUST)
Beirao Da Veiga, Lourenco (Univ. of Milan)
Widlund, Olof B. (Courant Inst. of Mathematical Sci., New York Univ.)


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