Dynamics Analysis and Intervention of Social Networks

Date: August 10
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 303A

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Hong, Yiguang (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci.)
Hu, Xiaodong (Acad. of Math & Sys. Sci., CAS)

Abstract: Social networks and dynamics has attracted interests of wide range from various areas. There are several important and challenging problems about social networks. The evolution of beliefs or opinions is a fundamental problem in the study of social networks. Here we provide a quite genera sufficient connectivity conditions for the social network to reach an agreement of dispersed beliefs. Another important issue is to locate the source of diffusion, and we establish an approximability of the minimum doubly resolving set problem on general graphs. In addition to the analysis of opinion agreement and opinion source location, opinion intervention is also an important topic to deal with the social crisis and eliminate the psychosocial problem during the opinion evolution. Two new intervention methods are developed to guide crowd or reduce the difference of public opinions.

Active Intervention of Opinion Dynamics by Noise Injection
Su, Wei (Acad. of Math & Sys. Sci.)
Hong, Yiguang (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci.)

Agreement seeking of social networks: the influence of antagonistic interactions and the role of centralized information
Ziyang, Meng (Technische Universitat Munchen,)

Locating source of diffusion in social networks
Chen, Xujin (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci., Chinese Acad. of Sci.)
Hu, Xiaodong (Acad. of Math & Sys. Sci., CAS)
Wang, Changjun (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci., Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

Crowd dynamics and optimal intervention
Hu, Xiaoming (Royal Inst. of Tech.)


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