Surface diffusion and related problems and flows. - Part I of III
For Part II, see MS-Mo-E-58
For Part III, see MS-Tu-D-58

Date: August 10
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 401

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Novick-Cohen, Amy (Technion IIT)

Abstract: Motion by surface diffusion, in which the normal velocity of an evolving surface is proportional to minus the surface Laplacian of its mean curvature, constitutes a geometric motion which plays a critical role in many technological applications, from thin film drug delivery, optical coatings, printing, and spray technology. While surface diffusion has been discussed in the material science literature to 1950s, much concerning its mathematical theory remains to be developed. The aim of the proposed minisymposium is consider surface diffusion and related problems from a variety of aspects, including existence, uniqueness, self-similarity, numerical methods, and issues related to applications. SIAG-MS sponsored.

(Comment: the actual area might best reflect A04 as well as A24, and the organizer is a member of two siags: SIAG-APDE as well as SIAG-MS)

Quadruple junctions and hole formation in thin films: a numerical study
Derkach, Vadim (Technion IIT)
Novick-Cohen, Amy (Technion IIT)
Rabkin, Eugen (Technion)

Self-similar solution for fourth order curvature flow equation: a problem with incompatible initial data
Asai, Tomoro (Hiroshima City Univ.)

Sharp interface models for solid-state dewetting problems
Bao, Weizhu (National Univ. of Singapore)

Shape-changing diffusion along the interfaces between dissimilar materials
Kllinger, Leonid (Technion-Israel Inst. of Tech.)


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