Current Trends in Wavelet Methods - Part I of II
For Part II, see MS-Mo-E-66

Date: August 10
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 4-3

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Manchanda, Pammy (Guru Nanak Dev Univ., Amritsar)
Siddiqi,Prof., Abul (Sharda Univ.,NCR)

Abstract: A formal development of wavelet methods was initiated by a geophysicist Morlet and subsequently Meyer, Mallat, Daubechies, Donoho, Coifman et al played important role in providing a solid mathematical foundation of this theme. Several variants of wavelets such as wavelet packets, wave packets, complex wavelets, dyadic wavelets, curvelets, shearlets, framelets, vector valued wavelets have been studied along with their interesting applications. Relevance of wavelet methods to computerized tomography specially to the Radon transform and its variants have been studied in the recent years. It is well known by now that radon transform plays a significant role in medical imaging. In this mini symposium, updated results in the above mentioned fields will be presented including the results of the speakers in this area.

Representation of scaling functions by Walsh series
Farkov, Yuri (Russian Presidential Acad. of National Economy & Public Administration)

Wavelet Analysis of EEG
Zahra, Noore (Sharda Univ.)
Naz, Shaheen (SET,SHARDA Univ.)
Parveen, Nazia (SRMS,BAREILLY)

Sampling Expansion
Skopina, Maria (St.Petersburg State Univ.)

On construction of H-symmetric wavelets
Krivoshein, Aleksandr (Saint Petersburg State Univ.)


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