Recent advances in modeling, analysis, and methodology for interface and free boundary problems and applications - Part II of V
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Date: August 10
Time: 16:00--18:30
Room: 402A

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Li, Zhilin (North Carolina State Univ.)
Lai, Ming-Chih (National Chiao Tung Univ.)

Abstract: In recent years, there is increasing interest in the development and application of advanced computational techniques for interface problems, problem with free boundary and moving interface, fluid-structure interactions driven by applications in physiology, fluid mechanics, material sciences, porous media flow, and biology. There are also many numerical approaches developed in recent years. The aim of this mini-symposium is to bring together scientists in the field to exchange their recent research discoveries and future directions, to stimulate novel ideas, and to nurture collaborations. The focus would be on Cartesian grid method such as the immersed boundary/interface methods, the level set methods, fluid-structure interactions, and applications.

The IIM for axis-symmetric problems and application to the Hele-Shaw flow
Ruiz, Juan (Alcala Univ.)
Li, Zhilin (North Carolina State Univ.)

Low-Reynolds-number swimming in two-phase viscoelastic gels
Du, Jian (Florida Inst. of Tech.)

Achieving High-Order for Interface Problems in an Immerse Setting
Nave, Jean-Christophe (McGill Univ.)

A second-order changing-connectivity ALE scheme and its application to FSI
Liu, Jie (National Univ. of Singapore)

A hybrid immersed boundary and immersed interface method for electrohydrodynamic simulations
Lai, Ming-Chih (National Chiao Tung Univ.)


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