Applied and computational complex analysis I

Date: August 13
Time: 10:00--12:00
Room: 203A

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Pelloni, Beatrice (Univ. of Reading)

Abstract: The focus of the session is on fundamental complex analysis methods for exploring the deep mathematical connections between shapes, singularities of complex functions, and spectra.
We have assembled a list of researchers that have in common the use of tools of complex analysis for uncovering the underlying structure of mathematical and physical phenomena. Such tools are fundamental, for example, in the study of boundary value problems and differential operators via the Unified Transform of Fokas, in the derivation of integral transforms for medical imaging, in Crowdys work on the evolution of shapes in boundary value problems, such as in the famous Hele-Shaw problem, and
in the study of the geometric patterns arising in the study of singularities of
certain distinguished ODEs..
The full impact of such approaches is only beginning to be felt and in this symposium the speakers will discuss advances and open challenges, theoretical and numerical.
This is one minisymposium in a series of two, organised by the network ACCA-UK and ACCA-Japan.

Fast solution of the boundary integral equations with the generalized Neumann kernel
Nasser, Mohamed M S (King Khalid Uinversity)

Augmented eigenfunctions: a new spectral object appearing in the integral representation of the solution of linear initial-boundary value problems
Smith, David (Univ. of Cincinnati)

Computation of an infinite integral with unbounded integrand
Ooura, Takuya (Kyoto Univ)

Fourier-Mellin transforms for multiply connected circular domains and applications
Crowdy, Darren (Imperial College London)


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