Theory, Computation, and Application of Transmission Eigenvalues - Part III of III
For Part I, see MS-We-D-20
For Part II, see MS-We-E-20

Date: August 13
Time: 10:00--12:00
Room: 210B

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Sun, Jiguang (Michigan Technological Univ.)
Cakoni, Fioralba (Univ. of Delaware)

Abstract: Transmission eigenvalue problem is a new research area arising from the inverse scattering theory of inhomogeneous media. The problem is non-selfadjoint, non-standard and not covered by any classical partial differential equation. Since 2007, the problem received significant attention including a special issue of transmission eigenvalues of Inverse Problems. This mini symposium will bring top researchers from America, Europe, and Asia to present the recent advances of the theory, computation, and applications of transmission eigenvalues. It will also be a great chances for these researchers to exchange new ideas and discuss the future development for the transmission eigenvalue problem.

On the Eigenvalue Density Theorems in Interior Transmission Problem and Its Applications
Chen, Lung-Hui (National Chung Cheng Univ.)

Interaction of water waves with a pair of semi-infinite elastic plates over undulating bed topography
Samantaray, Sudhanshu Shekhar (Divine Residential College, Nayagarh)
Biswal, Trilochan (Vivekananda Inst. of Tech., Bhubaneswar)
Martha, Subash Chandra (INDIAN Inst. OF Tech. ROPAR)

Detecting highly cyclic structure with complex eigenpairs
Klymko, Christine (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Sanders, Geoffrey (LLNL)

Least-squares Spectral Element Methods for 3D Elliptic and Stokes Eigenvalue Problems
Husain, Akhlaq (LNM Inst. of Information Tech. Jaipur)


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