Recent Development of Mathematical Models in Computational Biology - Part I of IV
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Date: August 13
Time: 10:00--12:00
Room: 212A

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Zhang, Lei (Peking Univ.)
Ge, Hao (Peking Univ.)
Lei, Jinzhi (Tsinghua Univ.)

Abstract: One of the central problems in biology is to understand the design principles of complex biological systems. Mathematical and computational models of biological processes can be characterized both by their level of biological detail and by their mathematical complexity. In this minisymposium, we focus on recent findings of computational models and methods to gain insights of the complexity of cellular life and efficiently analyze the experimental observations. Topics of interests include stem cells, developmental patterning, gene regulatory networks, neuron networks, uncertainty quantification of biological data, etc.

Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Multicellular Aggregate Self-Assembly in Biofabrication
Sun, Yi (Univ. of South Carolina)
Wang, Qi (Univ. of South Carolina & Beijing Computational Sci. Research Center)

A Stochastic Multiscale Model that Explains the Segregation of Axonal Microtubules and Neurofilaments in Neurological Diseases
Xue, Chuan (Ohio State Univ.)

Stochastic Dynamical Descriptions of Living Processes and Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Steady-State Cycle Kinetics
Qian, Hong (Univ. of Washington, Applied Mathematics)

Simulated Evolution on Fitness Landscape Constructed by Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Hu, Yucheng (Tsinghua Univ.)


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