Global Value Chain Research and its extensions

Date: August 13
Time: 10:00--12:00
Room: 1-2

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Yang, Cuihong (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci., CAS)

Abstract: The expansion of global trade in the several past decades is characterized by increasing international fragmentation of production, where production processes are sliced into many stages that can be completed in different countries. The value of certain products is thus sliced up globally-global value chains (GVCs). Not only the value chain of certain products, but also other production factors, emission contents, income distribution have to be distributed correspondingly at a global perspective. We are facing with challenges in how to look at the global economy, thus it is very important to understand how GVCs work, how they affect the economic performance, how the economies benefit from GVCs, and so on. In this special session, we would like to answer some of the questions from several perspectives, including globalization and regional income inequality in China; Processing trade, heterogeneous technologies, and the structure of China's DPN CGE model; emissions considering regional and firm heterogeneity in global value chains, trade-off between economic growth and quality.

Processing trade, heterogeneous technologies, and the structure of China¡¯s DPN CGE model
Pei, Jiansuo (Univ. of International Business & Economics)
Yang, Cuihong (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci., CAS)

Trade-off between Economic Growth Speed and Efficiency
Fan, Jin (Jiangsu Administration Inst.)

Globalization and regional inequality within China: a domestic value chain analysis
Duan, Yuwan (Central Univ. of Finance & Economics)

Spillover Effects of TTIP on BRICS Economies: A Dynamic GVC-Based CGE Model
Cai, Songfeng (State Information Center)
Zhang, Yaxiong (State Information Center)
Meng, Bo (Inst. of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization)


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