Singular Problems and Integral Dynamical Models in Applied Mathematics - Part II of II
For Part I, see MS-Th-BC-10

Date: August 13
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 206B

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Sidorov, Denis (Energy Sys. Inst., Russian Acad. of Sci. (SB))

Abstract: This mini-symposium concentrates on the theory of singular equations especially applicable to stability, bifurcation and algorithmic analysis of DE/IEs in mechanics and mathematical physics. Mini-symposium addresses the recent results on existence theorems, regularization, and identification, including asymptotic, numerical and
group theoretic methods. The employment of such methods in various problems in modern physics, heat-and-power engineering, and mechanics (plasma, aeroelasticity theory, phase transitions, rheology) has given the authors rich possibilities for creativity and applications. The special attention will be paid to Vlasov-Maxwell systems which are in the core of relativistic models of plasma physics and Maxwell models of photonic crystalls.

Mathematical Modelling of Nonlinear Dynamics of Heat Transfer in Packed Beds
Sidorov, Denis (Energy Sys. Inst., Russian Acad. of Sci. (SB))

On Stable Estimation of the Images Gradient Values
Sidorov, Denis (Energy Sys. Inst., Russian Acad. of Sci. (SB))
Muftahov, Ildar (Irkutsk State Technical Univ.)

Many parametric bifurcation problem of the deflection of the elongated plate in a supersonic gas flow
Loginov, Boris (Ulyanovsk State Technical Univ.)
Badokina, Tatyana (Mordovian State Univ. of N. P. Ogarev)

Andronov-Hopf bifurcation in equations with symmetrizable under group symmetry linearization
Kim-Tyan, Luiza (National Research Technological Univ. (Moscow Inst. of Steel & Alloys))
Loginov, Boris (Ulyanovsk State Technical Univ.)


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