Analysis, Modeling, and Numerical Methods for High Frequency Waves - Part I of IV
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Date: August 13
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 408

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YANG, XU (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
YING, LEXING (Stanford Univ.)
HUANG, ZHONGYI (Tsinghua Univ.)
RUNBORG, OLOF (Department of Mathematics, KTH)

Abstract: The development of modern techniques has been able to provide accurate studies on the micro- and nano-scale physics. Under this small scale, the objects often appear as a form of waves, and present quantum properties. On the other hand, the observation is often made at macroscopic scale which is closely related to small-scale details, therefore it is necessary to consider problems at multiple scales. Propagation of high frequency waves is one such topic. The major challenge is that one usually needs to handle the disparity between the two length scales: the large domain size and the small wavelength. This means one has to work on a large computational domain that contains thousands to millions of wavelengths, and each of them needs to be resolved if direct numerical methods are applied. Therefore the total number of grid points is huge, which usually leads to unaffordable computational cost. This minisymposium will focus on high-frequency waves and their applications in quantum mechanics and seismology. Topics on analysis, modeling and numerical methods will be discussed.

Approximate Separability of Green's Function for Helmholtz Equation in the High Frequency Limit
Zhao, Hongkai (UC Irvine)

High frequency wave propagation by fast Gaussian beams and Huygens sweeping methods
Qian, Jianliang (Michigan State Univ.)

Parallel Domain Decomposition Sweeping Preconditioner for the Solution of Time-Harmonic Helmholtz and Maxwell Equations
Geuzaine, Christophe (Univ. of Liege)

Fast Huygens sweeping methods for Schrodinger equations in the semi-classical regime
Leung, Shingyu (Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)


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