Theoretical and numerical studies of phase field model - Part I of IV
For Part II, see MS-Th-E-58
For Part III, see MS-Fr-D-58
For Part IV, see MS-Fr-E-58

Date: August 13
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 401

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Wang, Cheng (Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Qiao, Zhonghua (The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.)
Wang, Xiaoping (Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)

Abstract: Phase field equations, which treat the phase variable as a
continuous function instead of a sharp interface, model
a great number of physical and biological phenomena, such as
phase transformations of materials at different scales,
the process in biological growth and development, and the
topological change involved in multi-phase flows.
This mini symposium is focused on the developments
of the phase field models. Both the theoretical analysis
for these highly nonlinear PDEs and the numerical
approximations are of great interests.

A second-order accurate convex splitting finite difference scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard equation and its improved error analysis
Wang, Cheng (Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Yue, Xingye (Soochow Univ.)
Wise, Steven (Univ. of Tennessee)
Guo, Jing (Soochow Univ.)

Modified Wenzel¡¯s and Cassie¡¯s equations for Wetting on rough surfaces
Xu, Xianmin (Inst. of computational Mathematics, Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

Linear iteration algorithm for epitaxial thin film growth model with slope selection
Conde, Sidafa (Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Wang, Cheng (Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Narayan, Akil (Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth)


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