Curves and Surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design - Part III of III
For Part I, see MS-Th-BC-04
For Part II, see MS-Th-D-04

Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 308

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Jia, Xiaohong (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)
Cheng, Jin-San (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

Abstract: The symposium is aimed at bridging between people who are working theoretically on curves and surfaces in algebraic geometry and those who are endeavoring to seek for suitable modeling forms of curves and surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design. Therefore, the symposium includes wide-ranging topics on curves and surfaces from classic theory aspects to their applications in modern industry. The forms of curves and surfaces consist of but are not limited to: algebraic curves and surfaces, parametric curves and surfaces including NURBS as well as triangular surface patches.

How Many Regions Does a Real Algebraic Curve Divide the Plane?
Cheng, Jin-San (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

An algebraic approach of computing the variations of the intersection curve of two moving quadrics
Jia, Xiaohong (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

Quaternion rational surfaces: Rational surfaces generated from the quaternion product of two rational space curves
Wang, Xuhui (Hefei Univ. of Tech.)

Geometric iteration method and its applications in geometric design
Hongwei, Lin (Zhejiang Univ.)


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