Minisymposium on Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation - Part I of II
For Part II, see MS-Fr-D-08

Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:30
Room: 202B

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Bao, Gang (Zhejiang Univ.)
Li, Peijun (Purdue Univ.)
Triki, Faouzi (Joseph Fourier Univ.)

Abstract: Inverse problems in wave propagation have played a fundamental role in diverse scientific areas such as radar and sonar, geophysical exploration, medical imaging, near-field optical microscopy, and nano-optics. Due to the complexity of material properties and uncertainty in physical models and parameters, precise modeling and accurate computing present challenging and significant mathematical and computational questions, and remain the subject matter of much ongoing research.

The minisymposium aims to recent mathematical and computational studies of inverse problems in various wave propagation models, including acoustic, electromagnetic, optical, elasticity, and quantum wave propagation. It seeks to bring together leading researchers in these fields to present recent developments, promote exchange of ideas, and discuss new directions including treatment of multi-frequency and near-field data, and multi-wave imaging. The talks will cover all the aspects of inverse scattering problems like asymptotic techniques, sensitivity analysis, numerical computation, and wave propagation in complex and random media.

Relaxation methods for inverse wave scattering
Demanet, Laurent (MIT)

Unique determination of polyhedral perfect conductors by an electric dipole
Liu, Xiaodong (Inst. of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

A Direct Imaging Method for Inverse Obstacle Scattering from Phaseless Far-Field Data
Zhang, Bo (Acad. of Mathematics & Sys. Sci., CAS)

Stability of recovering wave speed from boundary measurements
Zhang, Hai (HKUST)

Adjoint state methods for identification problems in single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT)
Qian, Jianliang (Michigan State Univ.)


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