Mathematical and computational methods for coupling local and nonlocal models - Part II of IV
For Part I, see MS-Th-D-33
For Part III, see MS-Fr-D-33
For Part IV, see MS-Fr-E-33

Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 406

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D'Elia, Marta (Sandia National Laboratories)
Seleson, Pablo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Bochev, Pavel (Sandia Labs)

Abstract: Nonlocal continuum and atomistic models are used in many scientific and engineering applications, where material dynamics depends on microstructure. The numerical solution of nonlocal models might be prohibitively expensive; therefore, concurrent multiscale methods have been proposed for efficient and accurate solutions of such systems. These methods employ nonlocal models in parts of the domain and use local, macroscopic, models elsewhere. A major challenge is to couple these models at interfaces or in overlapping regions. This minisymposium invites contributions on coupling local and nonlocal continuum models and concurrent multiscale methods for atomistic-to-continuum coupling. Related domain decomposition methods are also considered.

Blended atomistic-to-continuum hybrid methods for modelling crystalline materials
Li, Xingjie Helen (Brown Univ.)

Seamless coupling of local and nonlocal models
Tian, Xiaochuan (Columbia Univ.)
Tao, Yunzhe (Pennsylvania State Univ.)
Du, Qiang (Columbia Univ.)

How does one determine the kernel function in a nonlocal model? A heat conduction example.
Li, Xiantao (The Pennsylvania State Univ.)

A Consistent Blending Scheme to Concurrently Couple Peridynamics and Classical Continuum Mechanics
Seleson, Pablo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)


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