Pseudo-Differential Operators in Industries and Technologies - Part II of IV
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Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 2-1

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Wong, M.W. (York Univ.)

Abstract: Pseudo-differential operators, first appeared in 1960s in the paper by Joseph J. Kohn and Louis Nirenberg in the Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, have been used in the explicit descriptions of solutions of Partial Differential Equations. Since wavelet transform and related transforms came to the fore and became understood by scientists and engineers in the physical sciences, biomedical sciences, atmospherical sciences and geological sciences in the context of time/space -frequency representations, pseudo-differential operators and their variants such as Weyl transforms and noncommutative quantization with operator-valued symbols have become instrumental in signal and image analysis in the role of filters. Extensions of classical pseudo-differential operators to Weyl transforms and pseudo-differential operators to H-type groups can be thought of as noncommutative quantization. The aim of this minisymposium is to provide a platform for dialogs on several developments of pseudo-differential operators in some areas of industries and technologies such as information, communication and signals.

The Roles of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Related Mathematics in Industries and Technologies
Wong, M.W. (York Univ.)

MRI texture heterogeneity correlates with tissue pathology in multiple sclerosis
Zhang, Yunyan (Univ. of Calgary)
Moore, Wayne (Univ. of British Columbia)
Laule, Corree (Univ. of British Columbia)
Bjarnason, Thor (Univ. of British Columbia)
Kozlowski, Piotr (Univ. of British Columbia)
Traboulsee, Anthony (Univ. of British Columbia)
Li, David (Univ. of British Columbia)

Time-Frequency Methods Applied to Images
Cohen, Leon (City Univ. of NY)

Thresholding-based Image Denoising Using Discrete Orthonormal S-Transform
Sun, Fengrong (Shandong Univ.)
Babyn, Paul (Univ. of Saskatchewan)
Zhu, Hongmei (York Univ.)


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