Wavelet Methods for Inverse Problems Modelling Real World Systems - Part II of IV
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Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 106

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Siddiqi,Prof., Abul (Sharda Univ.,NCR)
Al-Lawati, M.A. (Sultan Qaboos Univ.)

Abstract: In a direct problem an effect is determined by a cause while in an inverse problem cause is determined from an effect. In an image processing the direct problem is to find out how a given sharp photograph would look like while camera is incorrectly focused.A related inverse problem is to find sharp photograph from a given blurry image.Inventors of CAT and MRI were awarded Nobel Prize of Medicine and Physiology respectively in 1979 and 2003.Inverse problems typically involve certain quantities based on indirect measurements of these quantities.Seismic exploration,CAT,MRI,X-ray are examples of inverse problems.
Bio metric identifiers are measurements from human body;examples are ear,face,facial thermogram,hand thermogram,hand vein,hand geometry,finger print,iris,retina,signature and voice..The direct and indirect problems of biometrics correspond to the analysis and synthesis of biometric information,respectively.Recognition of face is a direct problem while face reconstruction is an an inverse problem.Refinement of Fourier methods,called wavelet methods including curve lets,shear lets play important role for study of inverse problems occurring in above themes. The symposium is devoted to updated research on applications of wavelets to the above problems.

Wavelet in Black-Scholes model
Zahra, Noore (Sharda Univ.)
Al Lawati, Mohamed (Sultan Qaboos Univ.)

Use of wavelet and its variant in Biometric Voting Machine
Zahra, Noore (Sharda Univ.)
Arichandran, K (MIMOSA,Kuala Lumpur)

Applications of Wavelet Methods to Medical Imaging
Siddiqi,Prof., Abul (Sharda Univ.,NCR)


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