Theory and applications of Painleve type equations - Part II of II
For Part I, see MS-Th-D-66

Date: August 13
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 4-3

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Takenawa, Tomoyuki (Tokyo Univ. of Marine Sci. & Tech.)
Dzhamay, Anton (Univ. of Northern Colorado)

Abstract: Last few decades have seen major developments in the theory of differential Painlev\'e equations. Their solutions, called Painlev\'e transcendents, are nonlinear special function that are playing an increasingly important role in many nonlinear problems in Mathematical Physics in areas such as Integrable Systems, Random Matrices, and others. Recently a lot of progress has been made in understanding the discrete analogues of Painlev\'e equations and their connections to Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory. The purpose of this minisumposium is to bring together researchers working in this active area to discuss recent advances in the theory and their applications to other fields.

Lax pairs of discrete Painleve equations arising from the integer lattice
Nakazono, Nobutaka (The Univ. of Sydney)
Shi, Yang (the univerisity of Sydney)
Joshi, Nalini (The Univ. of Sydney)

Symmetry and combinatorics of discrete integrable systems
Shi, Yang (the univerisity of Sydney)
Joshi, Nalini (The Univ. of Sydney)
Nakazono, Nobutaka (The Univ. of Sydney)

Exact WKB analysis for the second Painleve equation
Iwaki, Kohei (Research Inst. for Mathematical Sci.)

A bilateral extension of the Ramanujan entire function
Morita, Takeshi (Osaka Univ.)


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