Divergence-free elements, grad-div stabilization, and related methods for incompressible flow problems - Part I of II
For Part II, see MS-Tu-E-06

Date: August 11
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 201

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Linke, Alexander (Weierstrass Inst.)
John, Volker (Weierstrass Inst.)
Rebholz, Leo (Clemson Univ.)

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In recent years, great progress has been achieved in the construction and understanding of divergence-free methods for incompressible flow problems, and in understanding the role of related stabilization methods for mixed finite elements like the grad-div stabilization. Especially, a lack of robustness of classical mixed methods with respect to large irrotational forces makes divergence-free methods appear attractive. The idea of the minisymposium is to gather researchers from around the world, who are active in this field, in order to discuss new ideas and to reflect on possible application fields, where divergence-free methods could outperform classical discretization approaches.

The divergence constraint in mixed methods for incompressible flows: To Relax or Not To Relax?
Linke, Alexander (Weierstrass Inst.)

Optimal L2 Error for a Modified Crouzeix-Raviart Stokes Element
Wollner, Winnifried (Univ. of Hamburg)
Linke, Alexander (Weierstrass Inst.)
Merdon, Christian (Weierstrass Inst. for Applied Analysis & Stochastics)

Cochain-complex based multigrid for Stokes and Darcy-Stokes problems
Kanschat, Guido (Universität Heidelberg)

Flux-preserving boundary conditions for Navier-Stokes and Grad-Div stabilization
Heister, Timo (Clemson Univ.)


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