Nonlinear aggregation-diffusion equations - Part I of III
For Part II, see MS-Tu-E-18
For Part III, see MS-We-D-18

Date: August 11
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 209B

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Huang, Yanghong (Univ. of Manchester)
Carrillo, Jose A. (Imperial College London)
Yao, Yao (Univ. of Wisconsin Madison)

Abstract: A large variety of stationary and dynamic patterns are the results of the competition between nonlinear diffusion and aggregation effects, including the well-known Patlak-Keller-Segel system. These systems are typically modelled from the collective behaviour of individuals, as the kinetic and/or continuum description based on mean-field type PDEs. The aim of the mini-symposium is to highlight recent advances on the interplay between the aggregation and the nonlinear diffusion, by developing tools to understand the long time asymptotics, stability of the patterns, related functional inequalities and numerical schemes.

Nonlocal Fisher KPP problems
Bian, Shen (Beijing Univ. of Chemical Tech.)
Chen, Li (Univ. of Mannheim)
Latos, Evangelos (Univ. of Mannheim)

Gamma-convergence of the Discrete Internal Energy and Application to Gradient Flows
Patacchini, Francesco Saverio (Imperial College London)

Aggregation equation with density constraint
Yao, Yao (Univ. of Wisconsin Madison)


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