Multiscale methods with applications in fluid mechanics and materials modeling. - Part III of III
For Part I, see MS-Mo-D-19
For Part II, see MS-Mo-E-19

Date: August 11
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 307B

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Brown, Donald (Univ. of Bonn)
Henning, Patrick (Univ. of Muenster)

Abstract: With this Minisymposium we aim to gather leading researchers in the field of
numerical multiscale methods, i.e. methods that are constructed to efficiently
tackle differential equations with a large spectrum of length and time
scales. The speakers present a wide range of different applications and approaches
resulting in an extensive exchange of ideas. Among others, parabolic and
hyperbolic multiscale problems are discussed, as well as Maxwell's equations
or the two-phase flow equations in porous media. The minisymposium focuses
on the practical aspects of the methods, as well as on questions regarding
a corresponding numerical analysis.

Cloud Based Interactive Simulations of Maxwell's Equations Using the Localized Reduced Basis Method
Buhr, Andreas (Univ. of Muenster)
Ohlberger, Mario (Univ. of Muenster)
Rave, Stephan (Univ. of Muenster)

An efficient hierachical multiscale finite element method for Stokes equations in slowly varying media
Hoang, Viet Ha (Nanyang Technological Univ.)

Reduced order models for the optimization of a material microstructure
Legoll, Frederic (ENPC)

Variational multiscale method using divergence-conforming spaces with applications to incompressible flows
Sarmiento, Adel (King Abdullah Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
Calo, Victor (King Abdullah Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
Cortes, Adriano (King Abdullah Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
Efendiev, Yalchin (Texas A&M Univ.)


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