Inverse problems for fractional diffusion equations

Date: August 11
Time: 13:30--15:40
Room: 406

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Ting, Wei (Lanzhou Univ.)

Abstract: In recent years, fractional differential equations have attracted wide attention due to the fact that they have important applications in biology, physics, chemistry and finance. While much research on the direct problems for fractional differential equations has taken place, there is much less literature on inverse problems. In this minisymposia, we will present some new research on questions of uniqueness, numerical reconstructions and regularization methods in solving various inverse problems for fractional differential equations which include the backward problem and the identification problem of fractional order, as well as some new findings on the difference between the fractional differential equations and their classical counterparts. This minisymposia will provide a good opportunity for international communications on this topic and attract wide attention to this field.

Inverse Problems for space fractional diffusion
Jin, Bangti (Univ. College London)

The fundamental solution for fractional diffusion equations and its use in various undetermined coefficient problems.
Rundell, William (Texas A&M Univ.)
Jin, Bangti (Univ. College London)

Inverse problems of determining fractional orders in the fractional diffusion equations
Li, Gongsheng (Shandong Univ. of Tech.)

An Efficient Solver for 3D Simulations for Flow with Interface
Weishan, Deng (Inst. of Software, CAS)
Xu, Jin (Inst. of Software)

A Model for Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in an Age Structured Forest: Predicting Severity and Outbreak-Recovery Cycle Period
Duncan, Jacob (Utah State Univ.)
Powell, James (Utah State Univ.)
Gordillo, Luis (Utah State Univ.)
Eason, Joseph (Univ. of Utah)


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