Integrated Production and Distribution Scheduling

Date: August 11
Time: 13:30--15:40
Room: 2-1

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Chen, Zhi-Long (Univ. of Maryland)

Abstract: In the supply chains for many make-to-order or time-sensitive products, finished orders are often delivered to customers immediately or shortly after production. Consequently, there is little or no finished product inventory and production scheduling and finished product delivery scheduling must be integrated in order to achieve a desired level of delivery performance at minimum total cost. Because in such applications the planning horizon is typically short and speedy delivery of finished orders is often critical, strategic or tactical planning models are not applicable to such applications. Instead, they require detailed scheduling models that integrate production and outbound distribution of finished orders at the individual order level. Examples of such applications that have been reported in the literature include: (1) assembly and delivery of custom-made electronics under the assemble-to-order business model, (2) production and distribution of fashion apparel and some toys, (3) production and delivery of perishable products such as ready-mix concrete paste and industrial adhesive materials, (4) printing and distribution of newspapers, (5) mail processing and distribution.

Such problems involve both machine scheduling (for order processing) and vehicle scheduling and routing (for order delivery). Although pure machine scheduling problems and pure vehicle routing problems have been studied extensively in the past several decades, most of the work on integrated production and scheduling problems was published or done in the last ten years or so. This is in sharp contrast to the fact that various integrated production-distribution models at the strategic and tactical planning levels have been extensively studied in the literature in the last several decades. We believe that the area of integrated production and distribution scheduling remains as a relatively new research area that clearly needs much more research.

In this symposium, the five speakers will present their latest research in this area. The first speaker Weiya Zhong will present two flowshop scheduling problems involving interstage transportation of jobs and discuss heuristics and their performance for the problems. The second speaker Hua Gong will present several integrated production and distribution scheduling problems that arise in steel production and discuss their complexity and algorithms for solving these problems. The third speaker Lingfa Lu will focus on a single machine scheduling problem with families of jobs and job delivery and discuss an approximation algorithm and its performance. The fourth speaker Guoqing Wang will present a multi-item lot-sizing problem and an approximation algorithm for solving the problem. The last speaker Baoqiang Fan will present two family scheduling problems with batch delivery that arise in the building materials industry and discuss computational complexity of these problems.

The coordinated scheduling problems of production and transportation in iron and steel industry
Gong, Hua (Northeastern Univ.)
Tang, Lixin (Inst. of Industrial Engineering & Logistics Optimization, Northeastern Univ.)
Chen, Zhi-Long (Univ. of Maryland)
Yiyang, Liu (Inst. of Industrial Engineering & Logistics Optimization, Northeastern Univ.)

Flowshop Scheduling with Interstage Job Transportation
Zhong, Weiya (shanghai Univ.)
Chen, Zhi-Long (Univ. of Maryland)

An improved approximation algorithm for scheduling with family jobs and delivery coordination
Lu, Lingfa (Zhengzhou Univ.)
Zhang, Liqi (Henan Agricultural Univ.)
Liu, Qijia (Zhengzhou Univ.)

Spatio-temporal patterns of an insect-pest in intercropping systems
Ferreira, Claudia (Unesp)

Extending the Mixed Algebraic-Analysis Fourier-Motzkin Method for Classifying Linear Semi-infinite Programs
Kortanek, Kenneth (The Ubiversity of Pittsburgh)
Zhang, Qinghong (Northern Michigan Univ.)


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