Iterative Methods and Preconditioning - Part II of II
For Part I, see MS-Tu-D-22

Date: August 11
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 206A

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Pestana, Jennifer (The Univ. of Manchester)
Szyld, Daniel (Temple Univ.)

Abstract: The solution of large sparse linear systems are at the core of most problems in science and engineering. Iterative methods, in conjunction with the use of preconditioning, are among the leading techniques for their solution. Development and analysis of known and new methods and preconditioners continues to be at the forefront of research, with new applications and new outlooks for larger problems and new computer architectures.

In this minisymposium current developments are showcased, illustrating recent advances and the wide range of applications including tensor equations, matrix equations, shifted systems, PDE-constrained optimization, and nonlinear eigenvalue problems.

Constraint Preconditioning for the Coupled Stokes-Darcy System
Ladenheim, Scott (Temple Univ.)

Block preconditioners for a C1 finite element discretization of the Dirichlet biharmonic problem
Pestana, Jennifer (The Univ. of Manchester)
Muddle, Richard (Univ. of Manchester)
Heil, Matthias (Univ. of Manchester)
Francoise, Tisseur (The Univ. of Manchester)
Mihajlovic, Milan (The Univ. of Manchester)

A pseudo-block Krylov subspace recycling approach for solving many shifted systems with arbitrary right-hand sides
Soodhalter, Kirk (Johannes Kepler Univ.)

Krylov recycling techniques for hybrid regularization
De Sturler, Eric (Virginia Tech)


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