Pharmacometrics: Bridging Mathematics to Pharmaceutical Sciences

Date: August 11
Time: 16:00--18:30
Room: 302B

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Nekka, Fahima (Universite de Montreal)
Li, Jun (Universite de Montreal)
Wu, Xiaotian (Univ. of Montreal)

Abstract: In the drug development arena, the rapid accumulation of new quantitative methodologies and tools pushed the emergence of systemic and mechanistic studies of pharmacology that drive the drug R&D. Particularly, tools based on modeling and simulation (M&S) gained a large popularity in the milieu considering the increasing number of success stories involving M&S. The efficient use of these tools heavily relies on advanced mathematical methodologies and their appropriateness to the problem at hand. This minisymposium will exemplify this field with mathematical applications to concrete pharmaceutical problems.
Mathematical analysis and closed forms of newly reported pharmacokinetics phenomena,
identification of drug disposition characteristics in clinical conditions, knowledge translation from in vitro to in vivo conditions for drug design, as well as signal transduction modeling in hematopoietic diseases are some of the examples that will be highlighted.

Gabpm: modeling ambulatory blood pressure data in R
Yan, Xiaoyan (Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Wei, Xijin (Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Sun, Xiaoyong (Shandong Agricultural Univ.)

Steady-State Volume of Distribution (Vdss) : Mathematical Formulation and Update
Wu, Xiaotian (Univ. of Montreal)
Li, Jun (Universite de Montreal)
Nekka, Fahima (Universite de Montreal)

Pharmacokinetic Study of Hormone Drugs Exhibiting Simultaneous Linear and Saturated Eliminations
Li, Jun (Universite de Montreal)
Wu, Xiaotian (Univ. of Montreal)
Nekka, Fahima (Universite de Montreal)

Pharmacometrics: The Science of Drug-related variability and Nonlinearity
Nekka, Fahima (Universite de Montreal)
Li, Jun (Universite de Montreal)

Nonlinear compartmental model with Michaelis-Menten elimination kinetics
Tang, Sanyi (Shaanxi Normal Univerity)


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