Triangular decomposition of polynomial systems: solvers and applications - Part IV of IV
For Part I, see MS-Mo-D-45
For Part II, see MS-Mo-E-45
For Part III, see MS-Tu-D-45

Date: August 11
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 213A

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Moreno Maza, Marc (The Univ. of Western Ontario)
Chen, Changbo (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

Abstract: The Characteristic Set Method of Wen Tsun Wu has freed Ritt¡¯s
decomposition from polynomial factorization, opening the door to a
variety of discoveries in polynomial system solving. In the past
three decades the work of Wu has been extended to more powerful
decomposition algorithms and applied to different types of polynomial
systems or decompositions: differential systems, difference systems,
real parametric systems, primary decomposition, cylindrical algebraic
decomposition. Today, triangular decomposition algorithms provide
back-engines for computer algebra system front-end solvers, such as
Maple¡¯s solve command and have been applied in various areas both in
the academia and in the industry.

In this proposed workshop, we hope to gather researchers who have
applied and extended the works Joseph Fels Ritt and Wen Tsun Wu. Our
goals are, first, to disseminate the techniques and software tools
which have been developed by this vibrant community and, second, to
stimulate further developments and applications of polynomial system
decomposition by means of characteristic sets.

At the International Congress on Mathematical Software (ICMS 2014), a
satellite conference of the International Congress on Mathematics, in
Seoul (South Korea), a session on the same topics as the proposed one
had gathered 9 talks, see

About another 30 researchers had expressed interest in participating
to this session but were not able to do so at that time the year or in
that location. Moreover, three other sessions of ICMS 2014 had talks
on this subject of polynomial system decomposition by means of
characteristic sets.

In a sum, the proposed workshop for ICIAM 2015 is expected to be well
attended and to generate rich interactions. At the same time, the
available software such as the RegularChains library (see will support software demonstration of
the applications of the Characteristic Set Method.

On computational formula of isogenies of elliptic curves
Kazuhiro, Yokoyama (Rikkyo Univ.)
Noro, Masayuki (Rikkyo Univ.)

An Application of Quantifier Elimination to Automatic Parallelization of Computer Programs
Moreno Maza, Marc (The Univ. of Western Ontario)
Chen, Changbo (Chinese Acad. of Sci.)

From lexicographic Groebner bases to triangular sets
Dahan, Xavier (Ochanomizu women's Univ.)

Algebraic Attack and Algebraic Immunity of Boolean Functions
Lin, Dongdai (Inst. of Information Engineering, Chinese Acad. of Sci.)


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