High-performance computing in computational biomechanics

Date: August 11
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 106

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Pavarino, Luca F. (Univ. of Milan)
Cai, Xiao-Chuan (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)

Abstract: Computational biomechanics is the study of biology at the organ and tissue level using computer simulation technologies based on mathematical and numerical models. With the rapid development of HPC over the past decades, the possibilities of utilizing these simulation technologies in real life medical practices have dramatically increased. The mathematical modeling of many biological systems, such as blood flows, arteries, and heart deformation take the form of partial differential equations. The focus of this mini-symposium is on efficient numerical methods and high performance software for solving partial differential equations arising in the study of biofluid dynamics and biostructural mechanics.

BDDC preconditioners for cardiac electromechanics
Scacchi, Simone (Univ. of Milan)
Pavarino, Luca F. (Univ. of Milan)
Zampini, Stefano (KAUST)

Massively parallel approach to modeling cardiac electromechanics at high spatiotemporal resolution
Plank, Gernot (Medical Univ. of Graz, Inst. of Biophysics)
Augustin, Christoph (Medical Univ. of Graz)

A Highly Scalable Algorithm for Simulating Blood Flows in Compliant Arteries
Kong, Fande (Department of Computer Sci., Univ. of Colorado Boulder)
Cai, Xiao-Chuan (Univ. of Colorado Boulder)

Parallel domain decomposition-based numerical simulation of blood flows in branching arteries using a non-Newtonian model
Hwang, Feng-Nan (National Central Univ.)


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