Variational Multiscale and Stabilised finite element methods for incompressible flow problems

Date: August 12
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 307B

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Barrenechea, Gabriel R. (Univ. of Strathclyde)

Abstract: Since their appearance in the mid nineties, Variational Multiscale Methods (VMS) have become a extrenely powerful tool to derive new finite element methods in different areas of continuos mechanics. These methods can be applied directly, in a multiscale finite element framework, or can be used as a formal tool to derive perturbed formulations, by either solving the fine scale problems, or model their impact in the macroscale formulation. This latter process has been extensively studied and used as a tool to derive new stabilised finite element formulations. The main focus of this minisymposium is to discuss recent developments in VMS-related approaches for fluid mechanics problems. Talks wiill range from more theoretical aspects of these sort of methods (and their relationship to stabilisation) to more challenging three-dimensional applications involving turbulent flows.

This minisymposium will be organised by myself and Prof. Tomas Chacon-Rebollo, from Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, and University of Bordeaux, France. The reason I am signing this with only my name is because I have not had access to Prof. Chacon's pin. I hope this doesn't present a big problem.

Old and new results in positivity preserving schemes for the convection-diffusion equation
Barrenechea, Gabriel R. (Univ. of Strathclyde)

Spectral Variational Multi-Scale method for the two-dimensional convection-diffusion problem
Dia, Ben Mansour (King Abdullah Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
Chacon Rebollo, Tomas (Univ. of Sevilla)

Finite element approximation of a projection-based VMS turbulence model with wall laws.
Rubino, Samuele (Univ. of Seville)
Chacon Rebollo, Tomas (Univ. of Sevilla)

A new hybrid finite element scheme for advection-diffusion-reaction equation
Araya, Rodolfo (Universidad de Concepcion)


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