Structured-mesh methods for interface problems. - Part II of VII
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Date: August 12
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 307A

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Chen, Huanzhen (College of Mathematical Sci. Shandong Normal Univ.)
He, Xiaoming (Missouri Univ. of Sci. & Tech.)
KWAK, Do Young (Korea Advanced Inst. of Sci. & Tech.)
Zhang, Xu (Purdue Univ.)

Abstract: In many real world applications it is more convenient or efficient to utilize structured meshes for solving different types of interface problems. Since the structured meshes may not fit the non-trivial interfaces, special methods need to be developed to deal with the difficulties arising from the interface problems in order to solve them on these meshes. Therefore, great efforts have been made for solving interface problems and tracing the moving interfaces based on structured meshes in the past decades. This mini-symposium intends to create a forum for researchers from different fields to discuss recent advances on the structured-mesh numerical methods for interface problems and their applications.

Thermodynamically Consistent and Meta-Stable Equation of State Models for Hydro and Solid Dynamics
Grove, John (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

A flux preserving immersed finite element method for elliptic PDEs
Jeon, Youngmok (Ajou Univ.)

Multiscale Model of Blood Cell-Vessel Wall Interaction in Blood Flow
Xu, Zhiliang (Univ. of Notre Dame)

An immersed finite volume element method for 2D-PDEs with discontinuous coefficients and nonhomogeneous jump conditions
Zhang, Zhiyue (Nanjing Normal Univ.)


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