Complex Networked Systems: modelling and dynamics

Date: August 12
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 213A

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Lu, Wenlian (Fudan Univ.)

Abstract: The theory of complex networked systems provided a powerful tool to model and analyze complex systems in science, engineering, biology, etc., since a mathematical term¡®graph¡¯is used to describe the interactions between individuals in complex systems. The last few decades have witness the great growth of research in this field, which afterwards enriches our understandings on the complexity of system. However, there is still a gap between the theoretical methods and results in complex networked system and applications in real-world complex systems in terms of terminology and communication.

The aim of this mini-symposium is to bring researchers from the mathematical sciences together with scientists from engineering, biology, and computer science, to study problems arising from modelling and analysis of complex dynamical systems on networks using mathematical methods. The scope of this mini-symposium are twofold: The theoretical part includes but not be limited by the following: modelling of complex systems by networks, dynamics of complex networked systems; delays in complex networks; the application part includes but not be limited by the following: cybernsecurity on networks; intelligent computation on networks; biological networks. The specific issues that will be discussed in detail at the minisymposium are: whether and how the emerging important problems arising in real-world complex systems can be answered by the present results in network science; whether and how these questions lead to new issues and orients in network science. In view of the broad range of backgrounds of the audience, we are specifically inviting speakers who will present the state-of-art of the scope of complex networked dynamical systems, and furthermore aim to bridge the gaps between the different scientific communities represented at the conference.

Complexity and Network Sciences Supporting the Emerging Science of Cyber Security: Challenges and Exciting Research Opportunities
Xu, Shouhuai (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio)

Utilization of data in complex networked systems by data assimilation
Lu, Wenlian (Fudan Univ.)

Generalized Halanay inequalities with applications to dynamical networks with time delays
Liu, Bo (Xidian Univ.)

Time delays and spatio-temporal patterns on networks
Atay, Fatihcan M. (Max Planck Inst. for Mathematics in the Sci.)


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