Inverse Problems for Image Reconstruction and Processing - Part I of IV
For Part II, see MS-We-E-46
For Part III, see MS-Th-BC-46
For Part IV, see MS-Th-D-46

Date: August 12
Time: 13:30--15:30
Room: 306B

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Wei, Suhua (Inst. of Applied Physics & Computational Mathematics)
Nikolova, Mila (CMLA, CNRS - ENS Cachan)
Tai, Xue-Cheng (Department of Mathematics, Univ. of Bergen)
Shi, Yuying (North China Electric Power Univ.)

Abstract: Many image reconstruction tasks amount to solve ill-posed inverse problems. Indeed, measurement devices typically cannot record all the information needed to recover the sought-after object; furthermore, the operators that model these devices are seldom accurate and data are corrupted by various perturbations. A common approach to find an approximate to the unknown object is regularization. The key points are the correct choices of the data fidelity term and the regularization term, as well as the trade-off between these terms. This is a challenging problem since the optimal solutions of the whole functional should correctly reflect the knowledge on the data-production process and the priors on the unknown object. The optimal solutions usually cannot be computed explicitly and iterative schemes are used.
This symposium focus on imaging inverse problemsí» mathematical models, numerical algorithms, theoretical analysis and various applications, especially, applied to CT reconstruction and some processing techniques for images.

Combining models is an open problem
Nikolova, Mila (CMLA, CNRS - ENS Cachan)

Weighted-average alternating minimization algorithm and its application to magnetic resonance image reconstruction based on compressive sensing
Yonggui, Zhu (School of Sci., Communication Univeristy of China)
Shi, Yuying (North China Electric Power Univ.)

Total variation regularisation as a discrete gradient flow
Schönlieb, Carola-Bibiane (Univ. of Cambridge)

Preconditioned Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Non-Smooth Regularized Problem
SUN, HONGPENG (Short Term Visiting Scholar of IAPCM)


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