Task-oriented social network data mining

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 213B

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Xuan, Qi (Zhejiang Univ. of Tech.)
ZHANG, ZI-Ke (Alibaba Research Center for Complexity Sci., Hangzhou Normal Univ.)

Abstract: Task-Oriented Networks are communities of people who are virtually organized around and working on a common goal, or task. In addition to the social networks, there is a typical wealth of other data about these communities, e.g. records of their technical contribution. Examples of such communities are Electronic Commerce, Open Source Software (OSS) projects, Wikipedia, StackExchange, etc., where people cooperate to do business, create software, share knowledge, and provide quick and high-quality answers for different kinds of questions, respectively. These communities provide extremely large and diverse real data, which enable us to study the online cooperative behaviors comprehensively. For example, in the Electronic Commerce systems, individuals can not only make acquaintance and interact with their friends, but also accelerate marketing goods via the social channel, thus social marketing is relevant topic in the area of social networks; In OSS projects, developers contribute to large software of complex structure, so as to form the complex task networks, and meanwhile they communicate with each other to coordinate their work, so as to form the complex social network. It is being proven that the complex software structure, task network and the higher level social network have some impacts on the quality of software and the work efficiency of developers. In this Minisymposium, we will invite several experts in Electronic Commerce, Social Network, and Software Engineering to present their work on data mining in such task-oriented networks, and hope to provide some useful insights for the network research.

Information transmission and prediction on Social networks
ZHANG, ZI-Ke (Alibaba Research Center for Complexity Sci., Hangzhou Normal Univ.)

Task-oriented social networks in open source software projects
Xuan, Qi (Zhejiang Univ. of Tech.)

Construction and Application of Software Networks in Software Engineering
Pan, Weifeng (Zhejiang Gongshang Univ.)

Social Commerce and Business Intelligence Techniques
Wei, Qiang (Tsinghua Univ.)


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