Lie Symmetries, Solutions and Conservation laws of nonlinear differential equations - Part II of III
For Part I, see MS-We-D-16
For Part III, see MS-Th-BC-16

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:30
Room: 205A

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Khalique, Chaudry Masood (North-West Univ., Mafikeng Campus)
Zhang, Lijun (Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univ.)

Abstract: This mini-symposium is devoted to all research areas that are related to nonlinear differential equations and their applications in science and engineering. The main focus of this mini-symposium is on the Lie symmetry analysis, conservation laws and their applications to ordinary and partial differential equations. These differential equations could originate from mathematical models of diverse disciplines such as architecture, chemical kinetics, civil engineering, ecology, economics, engineering, fluid mechanics, biology and finance. Other approaches in finding exact solutions to nonlinear differential equations will also be discussed. This includes, but not limited to, asymptotic analysis methodologies, bifurcation theory, inverse scattering transform techniques, the Hirota method, the Adomian decomposition method, and others.

Noether¡¯s theorem and its inverse problem of nonholonomic systems with fractional derivatives
Jing-Li, Fu (Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univ.)

Application of Lie symmetry and symmetry solving approach to electrical networks with dissipation
YU, Xie (Zhejiang Sci. Tech. Univ.)
Jing-Li, Fu (Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univ.)

Symmetry analysis and conservation laws for a generalized coupled hyperbolic system
Khalique, Chaudry Masood (North-West Univ., Mafikeng Campus)

Conservation Laws of a semilinear radial wave system
Muatjetjeja, Ben (North-West Univ.)

Conservation laws of partial differential equations and their connections to symmetries
Anco, Stephen (Brock Univ.)


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