Women in Applied Mathematics: Recent Advances in Modeling, Numerical Algorithms, and Applications - Part I of IV
For Part II, see MS-Th-BC-19
For Part III, see MS-Th-D-19
For Part IV, see MS-Th-E-19

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 307B

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Li, Fengyan (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.)
Cheng, Juan (Inst. of Applied Physics & Computational Mathematics)

Abstract: This mini-symposium aims at bringing women mathematicians to share recent progress and to inspire new ideas in applied mathematics. Talks may address modeling, theoretical and computational aspects of numerical methods, as well as various applications arising from biomedical problems, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, rarefied gas dynamics, and constrained optimal control problems etc. Besides the scientific aspects, the fourth part of this mini-symposium is a career panel session, which is to create a platform for women mathematicians at different stages with different career paths to network, to exchange experiences and advices in career advancement, and to discuss challenges and strategies for a successful career.

Symmetry-preserving Lagrangian schemes for compressible fluid flow in two-dimensional cylindrical coordinates
Cheng, Juan (Inst. of Applied Physics & Computational Mathematics)

Difference Potentials Method for Interface/Composite Domain Problems
Epshteyn, Yekaterina (Univ. of Utah)

Is Normalized Line Search Rule Really Suitable for Finding Multiple Solutions of Semilinear PDEs?
Xie, Ziqing (Hunan Normal Univ., China)

A Simple and Efficient Metaheuristic to Solve the Weighted Set Covering Problem
Lu, Yun (Kutztown Univ. of PA)


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