Boundary and interior layers: analysis and simulations - Part I of II
For Part II, see MS-Th-BC-36

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 409

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Shih, Yin-Tzer (National Chung Hsing Univ.)
HUANG, ZHONGYI (Tsinghua Univ.)

Abstract: Recently there are several computational techniques have been successively implemented in dealing with non-smooth solutions for modeling of many physical phenomena such as fluid flows, semiconductor device simulation or in financial models etc. The mini-symposium will be concerned with in cases of where the solution contains deep gradients exhibiting the boundary layers or interior layers. For such problems, standard discretization methods such as a Galerkin finite element method or classical finite difference methods yield inaccurate oscillatory solutions. These layers are characterized by rapid transitions in the solution, and thus are very difficult to capture the solutions accurately without using a large number of unknowns or using fitted meshes in the layer regions. The aim of this minisymposium is to exchange ideas and explore novel techniques for resolving the boundary or interior layers while simulating the non-smooth model problems.

Some open problems in the numerical analysis of singularly perturbed differential equations
Stynes, Martin (Beijing Computational Sci. Research Center)

An equation decomposition based tailored finite point method for fluid dynamics
HUANG, ZHONGYI (Tsinghua Univ.)

Tailored finite point method for solving one-dimensional Burgers' equation
Shih, Yin-Tzer (National Chung Hsing Univ.)
Lin, Yu-Tuan (Inst. of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)
Tsai, Chih-Ching (National Chung Hsing Univ.)

An efficient stabilized linear finite element method for solving reaction-convection-diffusion equations
Hsieh, Po-Wen (Chung Yuan Christian Univ.)
Yang, Suh-Yuh (National Central Univ.)


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