Structural analysis and collective dynamics on complex networking systems

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:00
Room: 212B

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Chengyi, Xia (Tianjin Univ. of Tech.)
Zengqiang, Chen (Nankai Univ.)

Abstract: In the past years, network science has successfully characterized the interactions among the components of a great number of real-world systems which include natural, social, biological, technological and engineering systems. Among them, the node represents the constituting components and link mimics the interaction between components. However, as real-world systems continuously evolve and novel data analysis or processing technologies emerge, it is necessary to further explore the structure of and collective dynamics taking upon complex networking systems. In this miniSymposia, we invite 4 speakers to talk about the collective dynamics of multi-agent's systems, the analysis and optimization of interdependent networks, global dispersal of emerging infectious diseases all over the world, and application of complex network theory into the detection and identification of industrial multiphase flow. The current symposia will contribute to deeply understanding the structure and dynamical evolution of realistic networking systems.

Consensus of heterogeneous multi-agent networks with singular dynamic systems
Zengqiang, Chen (Nankai Univ.)
Geng, Hua (Nankai Univ.)

Complex network from multivariate time series for characterizing experimental two-phase flow
Gao, Zhong-Ke (Tianjin Univ.)

Interdependent Networks: Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis and Optimization
Sun, Shiwen (Tianjin Univ. of Tech.)

The Dynamics Underlying Global Spread of Emerging Infectious Diseases
WANG, Lin (The Univ. of Hong Kong)


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