Cooperative Games and Applications in Modern Industry

Date: August 12
Time: 16:00--18:10
Room: 1-2

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Li, Deng-Feng (Fuzhou Univ.)

Abstract: The cooperative game theory is an important part of the game theory, which belongs to the field of the applied mathematics. In modern industry, there are lots of decision problems which may be modelled as cooperative games. In this minisymposia, we mainly concern the modeling methods of cooperative games for practical industry decision problems such as service industry and E-commerce, allocation (or imputation) of profit/cost from viewpoint of cooperative games and computation algorithms. Other kinds of cooperative games under uncertain situations such as interval-valued cooperative games, fuzzy cooperative games, cooperative games with fuzzy coalitions are belonged to this minisymposia. Certainly, the cooperative games include transferable and nontransferable cooperative games.

A strategic analysis of consumer-related managerial incentive design
Li, Kevin (Univ. of Windsor)
Junsong, Bian (Odette School of Business, Univ. of Windsor)
Guo, Xiaolei (Univeristy of Windsor)

China Urban Agglomeration Efficiency Research under New Industrialization
Lin, Donghua (Management Department of Shanghai Open Univ.)

Cooperation in dynamic network games with pairwise interactions
Petrosyan, Leon (Saint Petersburg State Univ.)

Stability in Evolutionary and Population Games
Fryer, Dashiell (Pomona College)

Applications of Conformal Mapping and Complex Variable Method for Solving Heat-Conduction Equations of Thermo-elasticity and Nonlinear Analysis of Irregular-Shaped Plates under Mechanical and Thermal Loading- A Brief Review.
Biswas, Paritosh (Von Karman Society for Advanced Study & Research in Mathematical & Social Sci.)


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