Title: Without Mathematics and Supercomputings, No Effective Risk Reduction of Natural Disasters

Speaker: Qingcun Zeng

Date: August 13
Time: 8:30 - 9:30
Room: Ballroom A

Chair: Tatsien Li

Abstract: This is the extended abstract of the public lecture, talking on the essential role of mathematics and supercomputings in the effective reduction of natural disasters. This lecture makes emphasis on meteorological hazards (because they account for 80% of natural hazards) and focuses on the heavy rain and typhoon disasters as examples. Management of meteorological hazards consists of whole links of human activities, from the design of weather and disaster observations (especially remote sensing) and numerical weather-disaster predictions, priori-description of disaster situation and estimation of losses, the planning of actions and real time regulation of management and so on. Nowadays practices very clearly show that there is no effective reduction of disasters if mathematics and supercomputings are not applied.


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