Title: Mathematical models and methods for noninvasive bioimpedance imaging

Speaker: Jin Keun Seo

Date: August 14
Time: 8:30 - 9:30
Room: Ballroom C

Chair: Hyeonbae Kang

Abstract: Recent bioimpedance imaging studies combine advanced knowledge and techniques from a wide range of fields including bioelectromagnetism, partial differential equations, scientific computing, and MR physics. Their imaging techniques have focused on expanding our ability to visualize new contrast information of biological tissues and organs exhibiting distinct electrical properties depending on their physiological functions and pathological states. The mathematical models for bioimpedance imaging are expressed as nonlinear inverse problems involving time-harmonic Maxwell's equations with electrical tissue properties being described by frequency-dependent conductivity and permittivity. Solving the inverse problems with practical significance requires deep knowledge on underlying physical mechanisms, image reconstruction algorithms, uncertainties in modeling, and practical limitations associated with the measurement sensitivity, specificity, noise, data acquisition time, and so on. This talk discusses a number of issues in electrical tissue property imaging modalities and challenging problems.


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