Title: Modeling, simulation and control of constrained multiphysics systems

Speaker: Volker Mehrmann

Date: August 14
Time: 11:10 - 12:10
Room: Ballroom B

Chair: Zdenek Strakos

Abstract: Automated modeling of dynamical systems with multiphysical components has reached a very high level of maturity. Equation based modeling packages allow to couple different physical system models together in a very convenient way. Unfortunately the resulting systems of equations are not always well suited for analysis, numerical simulation, control or optimization. As a consequence, typically a mathematically oriented remodeling or regularization step has to be carried out, to reformulate the equations for the use in classical simulation, optimization and control tools. We present a remodeling concept that creates from a given automatically generated model (including over- and under-determined as well as control systems) a new system which has the same solution set, but which is well provably well suited for simulation, control and optimization and which also gives error and perturbation bounds. As a further advantage of the new approach, we show that all the variables keep their physical meaning. For components of the multiphysics system which are described by partial differential equations, we show that this approach can also be carried out already on the infinite dimensional level, so that subsequent discretization in space keeps the features also on the space-discrete level. We demonstrate the advantages of the new approach with several industrial examples and also present some of the current challenges.


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